Monday, January 3, 2011

Bye Bye Beige

Today, my creative adventure was to "de-beige" the guest room. When we moved into this house 7 years ago, every room in the house, excepting the kitchen and the library was painted a nice, neutral beige. Acutally, there may have been more than one shade of beige, but to me, a lover of color, its just one step up from different shades of gray. This is not to say that gray or beige are bad colors, and when used appropriately, they can be very effective. and charming.

In this case, painting the entire house beige was a terrific selling feature - it was a blank canvas - it gave the effect of walking into a brand new house - nothing to clash with our colorful uphostered furniture. Plenty of time to live with the house and it's lighting and learn what colors might enhance each room.

But, after 7 years of beigedom, it is time to embrace COLOR!!!!! My plan for the winter is to select a new color or texture for each of the remaining beige rooms (3 bathrooms, living room and guest room). I really like the shade of creamy beige in our bedroom and it is well suited to the decor - soft moss green, pink , raspberry and white fabrics and decor along with worn woods and burnished gold metal furniture and mirrors. So, that beige escapes the paint brush, for now! (To tell the absolute truth, I have long toyed with painting the bedroom a subtle and delicate shell pink, but I think that would just my husband right over the edge. ) It's the least I can do to allow him some space.

Today's project involved painting the guest room a shade of light blue with a violet/gray cast. As usual, I couldn't find exactly the right color at the paint store, so I mixed a bunch of tester jars I had, added some white, painted it on a piece of foam core board, and brought it to my paint store to color match it. I had already purchased some beautiful blue and yellow french and English fabrics for draperies several years ago, and a lovely blue needlepoint chair and a couple of area rugs. I've also been collecting some French fashion prints and English blue and white china to hang on the walls. At a local thrift store I picked up a lovely reversible blue and white duvet cover for the bed. I also plan to somehow integrate a large lacy tablecoth somehow - perhaps as a headboard canopy of sorts.

Check back tomorrow for photos of this ongong project.

Also tomorrow -

Teatime with friends.

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